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Grab your copy of The Eerie Brothers and The Witches of Autumn at the followng links:

Amazon, Barnes & Noble, Books-A-Million, Joseph-Beth Booksellers, Powells, Mysterious Galaxy, Dark Delicacies, Blackwell's, Bookshop, Mindfair Books

**NOTE! Mindfair Books has 19 new copies for $4.00 each & Dark Delicacies has ONE signed copy left!!!! 

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You'll be able to order books/merch through Sheldon's website via credit card, Apple Pay, Google Pay, Venmo, & Paypal!

Sheldon recei
ved a 5-Star Review from Readers' Favorites for
The Eerie Brothers and The Witches of Autumn!



"Horace and Edgar have my sympathy and admiration. I think they are brave to face the many challenging adventures and creepy creatures they encounter, despite being very afraid. Each has emotional personal battles to cope with, especially with the absence of their mother, Autumn. Edgar is the one who likes to joke around and doesn’t take things seriously like Horace. Sheldon Higdon has written a wonderful supernatural story that has a bit of a dark side, sadness, and a touch of humor too. I like the creativity, and the character types are quite interesting. The Eerie Brothers and The Witches of Autumn will grab your attention from the very beginning to the end. Pre-teens who like reading supernatural tales will find this book absorbing." -- Reader's Favorites

Click HERE for a FREE excerpt from The Eerie Brothers and The Witches of Autumn. (Chapter 3: Edgar's Origin.)



The Eerie Brothers and The Witches of Autumn.

Pick up the paperback for $10.99 HERE

Grab the Kindle e-book HERE for $2.99!

Sheldon's story "We Can't Let Go" is OUT NOW in the critically acclaimed anthology series Horror Library, Vol. 8.

Click HERE to purchase a copy.

The Lunatics Radio Hour podcast has done an audio version of Sheldon's story
Drowning in Sorrow.

If you'd like to hear it then tap HERE or HERE on Spotify, or on Apple HERE. His story starts at the 25 min. mark and ends at the 45 min. mark.


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