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Latest News

Sheldon's horror/fantasy middle grade novel, The Eerie Brothers and The Witches of Autumn, arrives in late 2023 from Scary Dairy Press! 

The Lunatics Radio Hour podcast has done an audio version of Sheldon's story
Drowning in Sorrow.

If you'd like to hear it then tap HERE or HERE on Spotify, or on Apple HERE. His story starts at the 25 min. mark and ends at the 45 min. mark.

In Other News

Sheldon has sold a short story and a poem!

Details forthcoming.



Tales from the Lake, Vol. 4

Drowning in Sorrow

"…the story is so beautifully written, and so heartfelt, and the character evolution is so seamless. A terribly beautiful and beautifully terrible tale, this is one of my favourites in this volume.” -  Reading Reindeer, Goodreads Review.

“His use of well-rounded characters makes him an authority on how to develop personalities within the fiction world. Beautifully written and a stand-out tale in this precious anthology.” - Lee Francis McCabe, Pop

Writers on Writing, Vol. 4

Are You in the Mood?

“Are You In the Mood? explains mood better than any professor I ever had. He takes Shirley Jackson’s Haunting of Hill House and explains how mood is used. I must re-read it with these new ideas in my head, because, well to me it was “just” a horror story. Now I know better.” - Tere Fredericks, Goodreads Review.

Hand-Carved Coffins

"...a great horror short story.... If Abner were to ever show up in another Sheldon Higdon story I’d buy it. Even if he doesn’t, this is a writer to keep your eye on." - Undead Rat (Horror Books w/ the Undead Rat)

Where the Dead Go to Die

"Sheldon Higdon has written a short story titled "Where the Dead Go to Die," which has been placed on the "HWA Stoker Recommended Reading List." As soon as I started reading it, I realized something. This is not your normal zombie story. It's weird, it's creepy, it's freaking twisted, but it also rocks. Watch out my fellow writer friends, Sheldon knows how to get into our minds and twist our neurons so they spark, sending us into his crazy world with some great story telling. I must warn you, this can be visually disturbing. hehehehe! Two bony thumbs up from the evil little jester and myself."  - Charles Day (Author & Owner of Evil Jester Press)

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